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Series 300 & UVpcx Analyser

Based on 10 years of experience, the UVpcx is a state-of-the-art Water monitoring system specially designed for high reliability, low operating cost and small size.
Ultra-violet spectroscopy, the most reliable and stable method, is used to analyse specific parameters: ammonia, COD, hydrocarbons, nitrate, chlorophyll A and fluroscent tracers.
Optical methods are also for tubidity and colour while electrodes are used for pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity.
Based on a modular design, the UVpxc can be configured as:

Mono-Parameter: on many process control applications, only one parameter is critical. In that case, the UVpcx offers a cost-competitive solution.
Multi-Parameter: water chemistry is complex and to meet the regulations for drinking water or waste water, many parameters have to be taken into account.
Designed in compliance we CE eletromagnetic standards and using watertight IP64/Nema4x box, the UVpcx is the ideal instrument for industrial applications such as water treatment plants, industrial effluent monitoring, river monitoring and chemical, oil & food industries.

Series 300 & UVpcx Analyser Data Sheet

PCX - Multi Parameter Controller
  • Touch Screen
  • Multi-language
  • Modular configuration
  • Graphic display over 1 hour to 1 month
  • Datalogging with RS232 download

Build around a powerful 32-bit microprocessor, the PCX controller provides all the facilities required on a multi-channel multi-configuration instrument.
Based on a modular concept for both inputs and outputs, the configuration can be easily changed or upgraded by plugging the required input module.

PCX Multi Parameter Controller Data Sheet

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