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SOLA II (Sulfur OnLine Analyzer)

The SOLA II (Sulfur OnLine Analysis) instrument measures total sulfur in liquid hydrocarbon fuel and gaseous process streams. The SOLA II addresses the need for a low maintenance sulfur analyzer that can reliably measure low ppm levels to help customers meet the tightening regulatory requirements limiting sulfur levels in fuels.

The SOLA II analyzer uses the low-maintenance Pulsed UV Fluorescence (PUVF) detector with the proven Pyrolysis system for measuring total sulfur in gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and jet fuel. The PyrolyzerTM performs the conversions for total sulfur measurement without requiring a source of pure oxygen. A field-proven valve injection system includes hardware and software for precise control of sample introduction.

Full scale measurement ranges are from 0 - 5 ppm/wt to 0 - 9000 ppm/wt detection limits as low as 0.25 ppm. Automatic stream switching is also available for dual-stream applications.


  • Sample combustion uses air only, no pure oxygen is required
  • Longer life and better low detectable limits than non-pulsed UV systems
  • Low consumables
  • Low maintenance
  • Continuous sample injection
  • Easy operation
  • Meets low sulfur in fuels measurement needs now and in the future


  • Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Kerosene
  • Jet Fuel
  • Naptha
  • Natural Gas
  • Refinery Fuel Gas
  • LPGs

Sola II Data Sheet

Tracker XP - Online H2S Analyzer

The Tracker XP uses lead acetate tape technology to measure H2S in ppm, ppb and percent levels in gas hydrocarbon process streams. Because lead acetate tape has no known interferences, the measurement reflects the actual concentration of H2S present in the stream.

It can be configured to automatically switch between two independently calibrated ranges based on the measured concentration in the stream. Alternatively, automatic stream switching is available for dual stream applications.

In addition, the Thermo Scientific MagnaTouch® control display on the Tracker XP permits local viewing of operational status and control of analyzer parameters without a computer.


  • Lead Acetate Tape Is H2S Specific with No Known Interferences
  • Two Independently Calibrated Measurement Ranges with Automatic Range Change
  • Dual Gas Stream Analysis (Optional)
  • Analog Outputs For Each Stream
  • Explosion Proof Rating (NEC Class I, Div 1, Group B, C, & D)
  • Historical Data Storage
  • Field Setup And Operation with or without a Laptop Computer


  • Personnel protection
  • Fuel Gas
  • Trace H2S Measurements
  • Reformer Cycle Gas
  • Sweetening Plants
  • Amine and Caustic Treaters
  • Catalyst Protection
  • Stack Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring

Py-Gas Reflux Sample Conditioner

The Py-Gas is an on-line sample conditioner designed for difficult sample conditioning situations such as the following:

  • Hot and dirty gases
  • Pyrolysis gases
  • Liquid mists or water removal
  • Wet, dirty gases
  • Heavy particulate removal
  • Fine carbon removal

The initial sample problem addressed by the Py-Gas was in gas/liquid feedstock for a cracking furnace producing ethylene. The problem was to sample a reactive pyrolysis gas to remove solids, water, and heavy oils from a complex, hot hydrocarbon gas mixture on-line so that the lighter hydrocarbons could be analyzed by a gas chromatograph.

Under such conditions, conventional sampling systems tend to plug rapidly, suffer from a high degree of unreliability, and require extensive and frequent maintenance. Py-Gas successfully overcame these difficulties while providing a saturated, cooled, and representative sample for the required measurement.

The basic design of the Py-Gas uses chemical engineering principles to drop out the condensable and wash them back into the process together with any solids resulting in a self-cleaning and maintenance free unit. From this basic design, a whole family of Py-Gas sample conditioners have been developed to address various difficult sample conditioning applications.


  • On-Line Sample Conditioning
  • Self Cleaning, Maintenance Free
  • Uses Vortex Air or Chilled Liquid Coolant
  • No Moving Parts
  • Provides Clean Sample To Analyzers
  • Uniform Representative Sampling
  • Suitable for Hazardous Areas


  • Ethylene Production
  • Blast Furnace Gas
  • Coke Oven Gas
  • Coal Gasifiers
  • Acetylene Production
  • Reformers
  • Fluidized Cat Crackers
  • Acetic Acid Removal in TPA Plants

Py-Gas Data Sheet

Flo-Cal - High Speed Calorimeter

The flexible Flo-Cal features two basic modes of operation: Wobbe Index and Calorific Value. To provide Calorific Value, the base Wobbe Index unit must include a Thermo Scientific Sarasota FD900 specific gravity (SG) meter to provide a continuous online SG measurement. The combination of the two instruments enables the the heat value of the gas at standard conditions to be expressed as Net Heating Value.

Able to serve a variety of applications, the Flo-Cal offers Modbus output capabilities to ensure it integrates easily into plant control systems. It also has two continuous 4-20 mA analog outputs and a flame safety automatic interlock to ensure plant safety.


  • Basic mode of operation: Wobbe Index
  • – Calorific Value via optional
  • Specific Gravity Meter
  • Fast response and continuous operation
  • Modbus RS-485 network communications
  • Two continuous 4-20 mA analog outputs
  • Flame safety automatic interlock
  • Standard and explosion-proof models
  • Easy to maintain and calibrate


  • Feed forward combustion control
  • Mixing and blending of gas streams
  • Fuel and flare gas quality monitoring
  • Off-gas heating value
  • LPG/air blending
  • Coke oven and blast furnace
  • Furnace and boiler control
  • Landfill gas monitoring

Flo-Cal Data Sheet

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