Liquid Solids Control, Inc.

Liquid Solids Control
Liquid Solids Control, Inc.

Manufacturer of reliable, inline process measurement.

For more than 20 years Liquid Solids Control has manufactured quality Process Control In-line Refractometers, serving all major industry groups:

Pulp & Paper
Food & Beverage

Liquid Solids Control has also manufactured Automatic Black Liquor Divert Systems for the Pulp & Paper Industry. These systems have a very high reliablility history and have the greatest user acceptance and installations.

Liquid Solids Control 's refractometers measures dissolved solids (soluble solids) using the "critical angle" technique (an interface measurement of refractive index). This measurement technique is not sensitive to suspended solids, turbidity, entrained air, viscosity, color, transparency, opacity, or flow rate, and the output readings are automatically corrected for variations in process temperature. The electronic circuitry includes a signal output, adjustable in both frequency and duration, for automatic washing of the sapphire sensing window face, when/if required. The measurement is displayed in the most useful terms for that particular application. The most common read-out units are % Solids, Brix, and Refractive Index.

Liquid Solids Control products are distributed by:

Pryde Measurement Pty Ltd

Liquid Solids Control