Rotronic - Humidity and Temperature Measurement

Rotronic is an ISO9001 certified company, with more than 30 years experience. Since 1965, Rotronic have developed and manufactured humidity sensors and measuring equipment. Efficient production facilities and systematic quality control provide high product quality and customer specific problem solutions.

The humidity measurement technology from Rotronic is highly respected world-wide; intensive R&D activities combined with applying state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies contribute significantly to Rotronic 's reputation. Every single device manufactured is carefully factory calibrated.

Every instrument is carefully adjusted before being shipped from the factory. Rotronic 's well-proven %rh calibration standards, commercially available for over 20 years, are delivered as standard with a traceable certificate, providing essential validation and uncertainty information.

Rotronic Products and Applications:

Handheld Instruments
Logging and Recording Instruments
Water Activity (ERH)

Rotronic products are distributed by:

Pryde Measurement Pty Ltd