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Aalborg Instruments & Controls - Mass flow, Meter, Flow controllers, Variable area flowmeters
Aber Instruments Ltd - Live cell & Yeast monitors
Antunes Controls - Low pressure & Gas pressure switches
AWA Instruments - Water quality analysers including Nitrate, Ammonia, COD, Colour, Hydrocarbons, Chlorophyll A, Phodamine, Fluorescein
Biotector - TOC, TIC, VOC, TC, COD, BOD, TN, TP, OXC online analysers
British Encoder Products Co. - Rotary pulse shaft, incremntal and absolute encoders, length & position sensors
CheckAll Valves - Check valves
Datasensor - Photelectric devices for detection, safety, measurement & inspection, accessories and complementary products for industrial automation
Dansensor - Gas analysers, mixer and leak detectors for modified atmosphere packaging
Define Instruments- Panel meters, din rail controllers, large digit controllers, loop powered controllers, signal conditioners, PLC controllers, customization awaailable on all digital displays
Dosapro - Metering pumps, dosing pumps, chemical injection systems
Harwil - Flow & level siwtches, flow & level controls
Headmaster - Dissolved gas control equipment for calibrating & validation using hollow fibre membranes
LMI - Metering pumps, dosing pumps and a complete range of accessories
LSC - Process refractometer, density meters, brix meters
Milton Roy - Metering pumps, dosing pumps, chemical injection systems, streaming current detectors
Orthodyne - With FID, TCD and HFDID detectors and covering a range of extending from ppb to % level, our analysers bring you the solutions from the most common uses to the most sophisticated applications
Red Lion Controls - Counters, indicators, PID controllers, digital controllers, panel meters, process displays, techometers, HMI displays, strain gauge indicators, process controllers, temperature controllers, message displays, volt meters, current meters, meter general, temperature gauges
Rotronic AG - Humidity & temperature measurement, hygrometers, humidity transmitters, humidity & temperature control
Seametrics - Water meters, flow meters, flow controls
Selet Sensors - Proximity sensors, inductive proximity switches, capacitance proximity switches
SensoTech - Process Analysers for inline measurement of the concentration and density of liquids
Servomex - Paramagnetic oxygen analysers, zirconia oxygen analysers, infra-red analysers, process analysers and sample systems. Specialising in hazardous area, gas purity and emissions
Setra - Pressure trasmitters, pressure gauges, pressure tranducers, accelerometers, pressure displays, differential pressure
SGM Lektra - Flwo & level indicators and switches (capacitance, ultrasonic & pressure)
Sondar - Ultrasonic level transmitters
Sponsler Co Inc - Process trubine meters
Thermo Scientific (Masterflex) - Process, chemical & water treatment peristaltic pumps, motors, tubing & accessories
Thermo Scientific - Online analysers, sulphur in fuel, calorimeters, H2S, hydrocarbons, microGC
Transtek Incorporated - LVDT and position sensors
Tri-Tronics Co - Photo-electric controls, photoelectric snesors, fibre optics
United Electric Controls - Pressure & temperature controls, pressure switches, level switches

Analytical Products

Pryde Analysis Listing - What gas and / or parameters do you wish to measure. Please click for an alphabetical listing
Servomex - Gas Analysers and Sample Systems for Process Industries, Food & Beverage, and Research
Servomex / Delta-F -
Trace Level Moisture & Oxygen Analysers for Demanding Applications
Dansensor - Analytical equipment for testing under modified atmospheric packaging conditions
Aber Instruments - Viable Cell Measurement Systems for Biotechnology and Brewing Industries
Haug - Pack-Vac Leak Detector
JCT Analysentechnik GmbH -
produces and provides gas conditioning components such as heated sample probes, heated sample lines, gas coolers, gas conditioning systems, gas converters and accessories
SensoTech - Process Analysers for inline measurement of the concentration and density of liquids
Headmaster - A comprehensive range of compact systems incorporating high efficiency gas / liquid contactors with battery-powered measurement and display technology for simple operation and installation.
Liquid Solids Control (LSC) - Process Refractometers for Pulp & Paper, Dairy, Food & Beverage, and Chemical Industries.
Rotronic AG - Water Activity Measurement for Food and Pharmaceuticals Industries
Rotronic AG - CO & CO2 Transmitters
Rotronics AG & Setra Sytems - Meteorological Instrumentation for Automatic Weather Stations
Milton Roy - Streaming Current Detectors for Water Pretreatment and Wastewater Treatment Applications
B & C Electronics - Controllers and probes for biotechnology, chemical, pharmaceutical, waste-water and water industries

Biotector - Analysers for On-line TOC, TIC, VOC, TC, COD, BOD, TN, TP & OXC
AWA Insturments - Mono / Multi Parameter Analysers and Controllers
Thermo Scientific - Thermo provides instrumentation and services for upstream and downstream applications in exploration, production, transmission, and refining of petroleum products

Industrial Products

Controls - Batch, Process,and Rate Controls
Pressure - Switches, Transmitters, Gauges and Controllers
Temperature - Switches, Transmitters and Controllers
Humidity - Transmitters, Sensors and Humidistats
Flow - Switches, and Transmitters for Air and Water
Level - Switches, Transmitters and Controls
Encoders - Absolute and Incremental
Sensors 1 - Capacitance and Inductive Proximity Switches
Sensors 2 - Photo Electric
Sensors 3 - Linear variable differential transformers, linear angular displacement transformers(LVDT's)
Rate and Total - Counters,Totalisers and Rate Indicators
Digital Panel Meters - AC & DC Volts, AC & DC Current and Process Indicators
Signal Conditioning - Signal Isolators, Converters and Transmitters
PLC Peripherals - Human Machine Interfaces, Message Centres and Slave Displays
Chemical Dosing - Metering Pumps, Streaming Current Detectors
Wireless Gateways -
2.4GHz wireless gateways

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