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Gas Analysers and Sample Systems for Process Industries, Food & Beverage, and Research.

Paramagnetic Technology for O2. Zirconia and Thick Film Technology for O2 and Combustibles respectively. Photometric Technology for all gases in the Infra Red Spectrum region: CO, CO2, SO2, NO, NH3, CH4 , H2O, HCI, CI2 etc.


Trace Level Moisture & Oxygen Analysers for Demanding Applications

Bulk Gas Cylinder Filling Plants & QC Labs
Cryogenic Air Separation Plants
Specialty Gas Plants
Semi Conductor UHP Gas
Polyolefin Plants
Heat Treating Furnaces


Analytical equipment for testing under modified atmospheric packaging conditions.

Portable, Benchtop and In-Line Analysers and Mixers for Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide
Leak detection equipment is also available.


Viable Cell Measurement Systems for Biotechnology and Brewing Industries.

Capacitance Technology for the measurement of various types of Biomass and Yeast Solutions Results are available to be expressed in the following units:

- % Viable Solids (by volume).
- cells/ml
- gl litre (dry weight)
- pico farads.


Haug - Pack-Vac Leak Detector
  • Continuous Quality Control
  • Packaging Machine Setup
  • Material Testing
  • Altitude Simulation

Simple, reliable, repeatable leak detection. Continual testing on the product line will detect sealing problems before they snowball. A quality control system that incorporates the Pack-Vac Leak Detector will allow you to quickly and reliably setup packaging lines. Materials can be tested for seal integrity suring trucking and airfreight. Above all, the Pack-Vac Leak Detector will catch defects before the get to your customers

Pack-Vac Leak Detector Datasheet

JCT Analysentechnik GmbH

JCT Analysentechnik GmbH produces and provides gas conditioning components such as heated sample probes, heated sample lines, gas coolers, gas conditioning systems, gas converters and accessories as well as gas analysis systems for e.g. continuous emission (CEMS) and industrial process monitoring.


SensoTech GmbH

Sensotech GmbH provides systems for Analysis & Optimization of Process Liquids.

Inline measurement of concentration and density of liquids.



Headmaster Calibrators

A comprehensive range of compact systems incorporating Headmaster's high-efficiency gas / liquid contactors with battery-powered measurement and display technology for simple operation and installation. Fast, accurate liquid-phase verification & calibration of all dissolved-gas Analysers.


Process Refractometers for Pulp & Paper, Dairy, Food & Beverage, and Chemical Industries.

Refractive Index Technology for the Measurement of % Dissolved Solids, Brix and RI.


Water Activity Measurement for Food and Pharmaceuticals Industries.

Capacitance Technology to Measure Water Activity and Temperature. To monitor Shelf Life, Colour Stability, Taste, Mould and Microbiological Growth in Foods. Also for the Measurement of Flow Characteristics, Cohesion and Static Properties of Materials.


CO2 Transmitters

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless and odorless gas that exists in the earth's atmosphere and which is dangerous in high concentrations. The proportion of CO2 in natural ambient air is about 0.04 % or 400 ppm. When humans and animals exhale this gas, it is quickly mixed with the ambient air, including in rooms that are well ventilated.

A high CO2 content becomes apparent in humans through rapid fatigue and loss of concentration. The negative effects become noticeable more quickly in small rooms in which there are many people (e.g. conference rooms).


Meteorological Instrumentation for Automatic Weather Stations.

Relative Humidity and Temperature.
Barometric Pressure.


Streaming Current Detectors for Water Pretreatment and Wastewater Treatment Applications.

Analyser for On-Line monitoring and Control of Coagulating and/or Flocculants into water and wastewater streams.


Analysers for On-line TOC, TIC, VOC, TC, COD, BOD, TN, TP & OXC
  • True online analysis
  • Uses advanced oxidation process
  • No filtering required
  • Suitable for all rugged applications
  • Low maintenance


Mono / Multi Parameter Analysers and Controllers

Analysers to measure:
COD, Nitrate, Ammonia,
Hydrocarbons, Phenol / BTEX, Chlorophyll A,
Rhodamine, Turbidity, Colour,
pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen,
Temperature and Level / Flow.

Features: Multi Language with touch screen display, Compact size, 10 years lamp life, Measuring time within 10 seconds for most parameters, No reagent (except NaOH for ammonia), Accept unfiltered waste water, Built-in automatic cleaning system, Datalogging via RS232 download.


Thermo provides instrumentation and services for upstream and downstream


  • exploration,
  • production,
  • transmission,
  • and refining of petroleum products.

Our solutions encompass process efficiency, custody transfer, real-time information, quality control, environmental compliance, clean fuels initiatives, catalyst protection, and safety.


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