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Pryde becomes agent for SensoTech GmbH
Dansensor launches New MAP Analyser & Gas Mixer Pryde becomes agent for Thermo-Scientific - Masterflex
Pryde becomes agent for Texmate NZ Pryde becomes agent for Orthodyne

New Products
.Mocon-Dansenor release all new Lippke 5000 Mocon-Dansensor release new CheckPoint 3
Rotronic release NEW low cost HygroFlex Transmitter Rotronic release Portable Indoor Air Monitor
Servomex Delta-F DF-745SG Trace Moisture Analyser Biotector Launches System-C Clean Water TOC Analyser
Aber launch Next Generation COMPACT Lab Yeast Analyser Dansensor Launches new LeakMatic II
Dansensor Launches new LeakPointer 3 & 3+ LMI Roytronic Launches new Excel AD Series Pumps
Rotronic Launch CO2 Transmitter Dansensor launches the MAP Check 3
Dansensor launches the MAP Mix Provectus Tri-Tronics SMARTEYE® Colorwise Sensor
Tri-Tronics SMARTEYE® X-Mark Sensor Tri-Tronics SMARTEYE® XPRO XP10
Dansensor launces CheckMate3 Gem - Calibrators for the Beverage Industry


Pryde Measurement becomes agent for SensoTech GmbH

SensoTech is the provider of systems for the analysis and optimization of processes in liquids. Since our establishment in 1990, we have developed into a leading supplier of process analyzers for the inline measurement of the concentration and density of liquids. Our analytical systems set benchmarks that are used globally.


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What’s in a Name?

In November 2011 we officially changed our name from Texmate NZ to Define Instruments.

We were immediately hit with a flood of questions: Why? Have we been taken over? Are we going to change what we do, how we operate or what we sell? Don’t worry – it’s all good news! We haven’t been taken over. We’re still under the same management, and we’re still committed to bringing you the same great products and personal service.

Our main reason for changing our name was to separate our identity from our historical parent company Texmate Inc, with whom we are no longer affiliated. But it’s also an acknowledgment of the fact that times have changed. Thirty years ago, ‘tex’ didn’t mean much – now it is strongly associated with text messaging.

It was time for a change, and we embraced it! We chose a new name that makes a strong statement about what we do, and highlights the precision and innovative drive that have always been our benchmarks.

Click here to read the full story of our journey from Texmate Inc to Define Instruments

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Ametek-Mocon Launches 2 new Dansensor® MAP Products

Dansensor® MAP Check 3

The new MAP Check 3 is an on-line gas analyser for quality assurance on MAP-enabled flow packaging machines. It has a new 5” colour touch screen for easy use, and excellent connectivity for data logging and control through USB, Ethernet and Modbus TCP and is delivered with PC software. Enables major gas savings with optional GasSave function or when paired with MAP Mix Provectus gas mixer.

Dansensor® MAP Mix Provectus

A revolutionary new ‘smart’ gas mixer for Modified Atmosphere Packaging for mixing 2 or 3 gasses. The MAP Mix Provectus uses an entirely new operating principle to produce a remarkably compact, powerful, versatile and easy-to-use gas mixing system. The mixer can be coupled to the latest gas analyser, MAP Check 3, to provide constant monitoring and automatic adjustment of mixture and flow to achieve maximum efficiency.

For more information on this products or more information on Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
Please go to

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Pryde Measurement has been appointed an Australian Distributor for Texmate NZ

Texmate started in 1998 developing and marketing panel instrumentation for USA, German and Japanese markets. While we continue to develop and improve our range of panel instrumentation, our innovative focus has been on the small PLC machine control market. This has been highlighted by the release of the TEX-ICC400 PLC controller in 2005, which is exported to Europe and Australia.

• Leading supplier of industrial automation equipment
• Prototype manufacturer
• Volume SMT manufacturer
• Designer & developer of OEM products
Turn key
• Electronic contract manufacturer

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Pryde Measurement has been appointed an Australian Distributor for Thermo-Fisher Masterflex

Barnant, now sold as Thermo Scientific, is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of peristaltic pump technology; as the manufacturer of the highly regarded Masterflex® peristaltic pump line; and as a world-class innovator in the engineering, design, manufacturing and distribution of an extensive line of fluid handling and flow control products. This includes Masterflex

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Pryde Measurement has been appointed the Australian Distributor for Orthodyne

Founded in 1923, ORTHODYNE, originally a familly owned company specialised in wireless sets, started in the early 50's to develop gas analysers for argon suppliers. Since then, the company has constantly evolved and widened its products range to become a world famous manufacturer.

Using a modular system conception, Orthodyne will offer you the best analyser to your analytical detection problem. With FID, TCD and HFDID detectors and covering a range extending from ppb to % level, our analysers bring you the solution from the most common uses to the most sophisticated applications.

Argon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Helium, Carbon dioxide and Multigas analysers are just a few possibilities.

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The staff of Pryde Measurement are committed to the quality of its products & service. Our quality management system (QMS) conforms to the requirements of ISO9001. Details of our QMS are available to our customers on request.   

New Products

Dansensor® Lippke 5000
for Leak & Seal Strength Testing

Measure seal strength and package integrity with the NEW Dansensor® Lippke 5000. Ideal for testing rigid, semi rigid and flexible packaging, as well as porous and laminated foils for the food, pharma and medical industries. With an extensive array of features, test options and accessories, it meets applicable ISO and ASTM standards. 

The leak test systems provide manufacturers with an idea of how well packages resist pressure. Measuring seal strength and carrying out pressure leak tests are important prerequisites to delivering strong and lasting packaging that have a low risk of bursting under pressure.


  • Optimized measuring from better pressure regulation
    • Shorter filling time
    • Improved pre-fill process prevents over-shoot
  • Improved testing accuracy and shorter test cycle (new algorithm)
  • New design & intuitive touch screen interface
  • Improved visual display of test results
  • Pump feature to easily inflate flat packages
  • Covers 1-5 bar pressure range
  • Data storage also available on stand-alone unit
  • Easy installation & data sharing 


  • New & improved measuring algorithm
  • New test heads with integrated sense probe
  • New touch Screen offers simplified GUI
  • Data capturing, storage & export
  • USB port for:
    • Label printing option
    • Barcode Scanner option
    • Keyboard (stand-alone unit)
  • Meets ASTM and ISO standards
  • IQ / OQ available
  • PC software option offers additional features
    • FDA 21 CFR, part 11 compliant
    • Test reports printable in PDF
    • Test results shown on graphs
    • “Combined test” feature
    • Interface with SQL database 


Lippke 5000 Data Sheet

Dansensor® CheckPoint 3 - NEW
Portable gas analyzer for quality control of Modified Atmosphere Packages (MAP)

New revolutionary sensor technology
The new CheckPoint 3 is the most advanced portable gas analyzer on the market, enabling you to quickly and easily check for O2 and CO2 levels in Modified Atmosphere Packages (MAP) of any shape and size.

With the new long-lasting sensor, the CheckPoint 3 delivers the highest level of accuracy on portable analyzers, making the packaging process more reliable.

WiFi connectivity ensures a new unique user experience. With the web interface fast, easy and reliable data management is guaranteed. The high quality color screen combined with intuitive interface give a clear process overview and extremely easy testing traceability and transparency.

CheckPoint 3 is perfect for productions looking for portability, best accuracy and just as important, a low cost of ownership.


  • Easy to use
  • Improves MAP quality control
  • Better process efficiency
  • Greater business transparency
  • Secures your brand’s reputation
  • Highest level of portable analyzer
  • Low cost of ownership
  • No daily 20.9% calibration


  • NEW Ceramic solid state O2 sensor
  • O2 or combined O2/CO2 measurements
  • Flow check
  • Data collection/transfer via WiFi
  • Faster processing (results in 7 seconds)
  • Easy-to-read 3.5" touchscreen color display
  • Uses standard, low-cost syringes
  • Optional metal detective needles
  • Data package
  • 3 years warranty on sensor
  • Rubber boot
  • Up to 1 million data logs
  • Multiple languages
  • Graphic statistics

CheckPoint 3 Datasheet

HygroFlex 1 - Low Cost Transmitter

The HygroFlex1 series is the latest development in inexpensive HVAC transmitters for relative humidity and temperature. The devices are equipped with the tried-and-tested Hygromer® IN-1 sensor and boast unbeatable value for money. The optional ROTRONIC HW4 software enables you to change the scale and calibrate and adjust the transmitter.


  • Measures relative humidity and temperature
  • Hygromer® IN-1 humidity sensor
  • Adjustable at 35 % / 80 %RH
  • Two freely scalable analog voltage or current outputs
  • USB service interface
  • Small footprint
  • Easy mechanical installation

HF1 Datasheet

HF1 Short Manual

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CP11 Handheld Instrument

The CP11 handheld instrument is the latest development of an inexpensive multimeter that simultaneously measures and records CO2, humidity and temperature. It also calculates the dew point and wet bulb temperature. Equipped with the field-tested ROTRONIC HYGROMER® IN-1 humidity sensor, this instruments offers unbeatable value for money. Using the ROTRONIC HW4-Light software that comes with the device, it can be set as required and data can be downloaded, saved and analyzed.


  • Indoor air quality
  • monitoring in underground car parks (safety)
  • Leak monitoring in filling plants (safety).


  • Measures and logs CO2, relative humidity and temperature
  • Calculates the dew point
  • Hygromer® IN-1 humidity sensor
  • 18,000 data point memory for CO2, humidity and temperature values
  • Maximum, minimum and average value display
  • Adjustable audible CO2 alarm
  • Display with backlight
  • Adjustable auto power off function
  • Mini USB interface


  • Supplied with the instrument or available as download SW2.1 (settings, data download, display of measured values) or compatible with optionally available HW4 software.

CP11 Datasheet
CP11 Quick Start Guide
CP11 Manual

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Trace Moisture Analyser

The DF-745SG Trace Moisture Analyser brings the extraordinary capabilities of the DF-700 Series analysers to applications in the specialty gas industry as well as allied applications requiring the accurate measurement of trace moisture levels in gas mixtures. This combination of high sensitivity-100ppb LDL-with broad range -100ppm- at an attractive price means that high-value specialty gas operations can now be controlled to ensure high yields economically with a DF-745SG analyser.

The DF-745SG is a sophisticated process analyser that has application software specifically designed for blending specialty gases involving single gases and mixtures with up to eight components drawn from a database of 13 standard background gases. The user can pre-define gas mixture templates for routine blends (with up to 30 templates) or define a custom mixture using the front control panel. The analyser allows the user to add custom gases to the database using a simple data collection procedure. The analyser collects production data that identifies the components and volumes in a mixture as well as the date, time and moisture content of the blend. This data can be displayed on the analyser’s data screen or downloaded onto a USB drive and printed out as a report in an Excel format.

The DF 745SG is a versatile tool for help in minimizing the moisture in your specialty gas stream. The analyser is designed for 19 inch rack mount as a fixed system and, at only 64 lbs, is ideal for cart or other mobile applications. The analyser can be quickly moved from port to port thanks to isolation hardware and software routines that virtually eliminate long dry down times often associated with these applications.

Based on the same proven design tradition as Delta F's oxygen and moisture instruments the DF-745SG expands the range of applications that can now afford this capable technology.

Unsurpassed Capability and Performance

  • 100ppb sensitivity with very high accuracy
  • 100ppb low detection limit (LDL)
  • No field calibration necessary
  • A wide dynamic range from 0.1ppm to 100ppm (linear)
  • An ambient operating temperature range from 10 to 40ºC
  • Fast speed of response, <10 minutes to reach 90% of an upward step challenge
  • Fast upset recovery, <5 minutes to recover from high ppm upset to within 1 ppm of previous stable reading

DF-745SG Datasheet

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BioTector System-C

BioTector System-C Online TOC Analyzer was developed to meet the needs of a specific market segment - Clean Water Applications.

Some features of the existing BioTector series are not required in these applications eg. particulate handling and the ability to manage Fats, Oils and Greases. But customers with clean water applications still want the reassuring quality of a BioTector Analyzer. So, in response to their feedback, we developed the System-C Online TOC Analyzer.

BioTector System-C for clean water applications will give you process insights, process incident alerts, environmental monitoring, energy optimisation, product loss prevention, water loss prevention, boiler protection and plant protection.

And it comes with the award-winning performance that you expect from the BioTector patented Two-Stage Advanced Oxidation technology (TSAO).


  • Lightweight and portable analyzer
  • Dimensions: 750 x 500 x 320 mm
  • Low cost option for low range clean TOC analysis
  • Certified accuracy better than +/- 3% of reading or +/- 0.03mgC/l (30ppb), whichever is greater
  • Certified uptime of 99.86%
  • Minimal maintenance – needs only two routine maintenance events per year
  • Captures and quantifies volatile components in TOC measurement while excluding and quantifying inorganic carbon content of the stream
  • Continuous online analysis with the ability to instantly stop and start when required
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous area options
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Lowest reagent consumption for TOC measurement
  • Rapid payback on investment

Biotector System-C Data Sheet

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Next Generation COMPACT Lab Yeast Analyser

The instrument allows process operators or lab staff in breweries and bioethanol plants to measure the live yeast cell concentration with high accuracy and repeatability.”

The LYA is very easy to use. Just pour an un-diluted sample of yeast (approx. 45ml) into the housing, press MEASURE and an accurate viable cell concentration is given after just 20 seconds. It eliminates time consuming dilution or counting under the microscope and important decisions on yeast pitching rates can be made by process operators.

The LYA does not need the addition of any potentially carcinogenic dyes, there are no ongoing costs of cassettes/slides and the instrument requires virtually zero maintenance. The LYA can therefore save time and money in the brewery.

The LYA is accurate over a wide range of cell concentrations and is not influenced by varying levels of trub. Traditional cell counting methods using methylene blue stains are inaccurate the viable cell concentration falls below 90% and the method is prone to errors due to human subjectivity.

An additional benefit with the new LYA is that it uses the same type of electrodes and V-350 transmitter and screen used in on-line Compact Yeast Monitor. The readings on the lab instrument should therefore duplicate the on-line measurements.

The LYA can now handle up to 20 different yeast strains and it has a simpler procedure for calibration compared to older models. It will measure concentrations up to 70% viable spun solids without dilution and measurement units can be switched between “viable cells/ml” and “% viable spun solids”.

COMPACT Lab Yeast Analyser Data Sheet

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Dansensor® LeakMatic II - NEW
Fully automated non-destructive leak detector - seal integrity of all your modified atmosphere packages is ensured

Now with optical sensor

When the correct management focus is put on seal integrity the benefits can easily be seen in cost reductions. A well-established quality assurance will give reduced waste, reduced product returns, reduced labour and reduced loss of machine time. Hence giving an attractive return on investment time.

PBI-Dansensor has developed a compact on-line leak system, which gives the possibility of detecting packages in complete shipping cartons. By using the CO2 already available in the MAP packages as trace gas, it is possible to test all packages shortly after they have left the packaging machine.

This test method is of course non-destructive and furthermore it is possible to test 4-6 shipping cartons per minute.

Benefits of the PBI-Dansensor LeakMatic II:

  • Fewer product returns
  • Fewer claims
  • Safer brand image
  • Quality assurance of seal integrity
  • Avoid shipping packages with sealings contaminated by food
  • Discover mechanical packaging machine errors instantly, eg. incorrect sealing settings (heat, pressure and duration)
  • Attractive ROI - due to cost savings

Other Features:

  • NEW: Optical sensor
  • NEW: No heating time
  • Data logging of measurement data
  • Fully automated non-destructive testing
  • Easy operation via touch screen
  • 3-year CO2 sensor warranty
  • Fast detection of micro leaks
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • 100% test of all your packages directly from the packaging line
  • Test of 4-6 shipping cartons per minute

LeakMatic II Data Sheet

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Dansensor® LeakPointer 3 & LeakPointer 3+
Off-line leak detection of MAP products

Dansensor® LeakPointer 3 and LeakPointer 3+ leave no leaks unnoticed. High Accurate while carrying out non-destructive leak detections down to 50µm. This in turn makes them indispensable in MAP lines where undetected leaks can be costly to product and customer relationships. Both units are approved to carry our Leak Detections in the Food Industry


  • Non-destructive leak testing
  • Ensures product quality
  • Detects micro leaks down to 50µm
  • User interface harmonized with other Dansensor instruments
  • Data collection and Data Sharing options
  • Easy to operate

    Additional option; Dansensor® LeakPoint 3

  • Immediate calculations of hole size
  • Down to 10-second test cycle
  • Additional optionl Dansensor® PackBase
  • Easy to operate

    Additional option; Dansensor® LeakPoint 3+

  • Test multiple large packages at once


  • Designed for the food industry
  • Easy operation via touch screen
  • Scan barcode or choose program to operate
  • Option to prompt user for additioinal measurement input
  • Read the leaks in microns
  • Immediate vacuum holding lid down (with visual indicator)
  • Integrated Delta-P meter
  • Auto data logging
  • Data export per cycle via LAN
  • Printing facility (USB)
  • Low sensitivity to surround CO2 Levels
LeakPointer 3-3+ Datasheet
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Excel Series AD Pump

LMI ROYTRONIC EXCEL™ Series AD pumps achieve a new level of innovation in solenoid-driven metering pump technology. Offering a robust design, micropressor control options and improved electro-magnetics to meet all flow/pressure ratings, ROYTRONIC EXCEL™ Series AD chemical metering pumps will provide industry solutions for more versatile chemical injection with greater turn-down capability. The line includes an advanced design fitting system for secure, leak-proof tubing connections. Every pump with a FastPrime™ or AutoPrime™ liquid end includes half-inch NPT connections to allow for ease of configuration. Standard FastPrime™ liquid ends incorporate a unique design to bleed the head without depressurizing the discharge tubing. FastPrime™ liquid ends are available with a variety of material constructions to meet demanding application requirements. Optional AutoPrime™ liquid ends automatically and continuously purge entrapped air from process fluid, eliminating “vapor lock” with liquids such as Sodium Hypochlorite, even in remote installations. High Viscosity liquid ends engineered to pump your most challenging viscous fluids are also available.

Features include:

  • Push button controls
  • Manual knob to control stroke length
  • LCD user interface
  • Dual manual control
  • Low level float switch connection
  • Durable and lockable clear cover
  • Theoretical flow rate display
  • NEMA 4X/IP-65 enclosure
  • Industrial grade IP-68 external signal/equipment interface
  • 3 Year Warranty*

Select models include:

  • Remote Start/Stop
  • External control options for pulse or 4-20 mA input
  • Backlit graphical display
  • Selectable Alarms
  • Separate pulse/4-20 mA input and output connections
  • Dual low level float switch connection
  • Universal voltage 85-265V
  • 7 day event timer
  • Bi-colored LED with external signal indication
  • Pulse divide/multiply modes; batch accumulate option
  • Internal/External mode indicated with a wired output
  • Two Point Calibration (Flow Display)
  • Advanced electronic features for pump configuration

Excel Series AD Pump Datasheet

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Rotronic CO2 Transmitters

New Parameter:

Rotronic is proud to present our new range of transmitters for CO2. Additionally some of these transmitters come also with complementary CO and temperature measurement.

New Technology:

The transmitters are equipped with nondispersive infrared sensor (NDIR). The infrared light is directed through the sample chamber towards the detector. The detector has an optical filter in front of it that eliminates all light except the wavelength that the selected gas molecules can absorb. Ideally other gas molecules do not absorb light at this wavelength.

Product Page

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Dansensor® MAP Check 3 - NEW
A smarter way to control your MAP process

MAP is the future. But companies using more gas than necessary to produce MAP products run the risk of becoming history.

That's why we've designed this gas analyser to be so precise. With the MAP Check 3, the gas target you set is the gas dosage you get. It eliminates the all-too-common problem of well-intentioned operators using too much gas, without realising its effect on production costs.

The only thing the MAP Check 3 increases is your flexibility. It lets you combine monitoring of gas content on a vertical or horizontal flow packaging machine with real-time control of package flushing via an advanced GasSave function. For most manufacturers, this translates into a 20-50% decrease in gas consumption!

It also improves reliability and efficiency. Unlike random, off-line quality control, on-line quality assurance with the MAP Check 3 means that every package is tested — far more quickly and efficiently than with manual testing. And if there's a problem, production stops automatically, helping to avoid recalls or the need to repack entire batches.


  • Enables major gas savings with optional Gas Save function or when paired with MAP Mix Provectus gas mixer
  • Logs and displays actual gas consumption for easy traceability with GasSave function
  • Reduces labour and waste costs compared to manual testing
  • Avoids recalls/repacking by stopping packaging machine if machine exceeds preset limits
  • Reduces work area CO2 levels to protect employees


  • NEW: 5" colour touch screen
  • NEW: Improved data logging capabilities with USB, Ethernet, TCP Modbus
  • NEW: Ability to control MAP Mix Provectus gas mixer
  • NEW: Delivered with PC software
  • NEW OPTIONS: IP45 protection kit, 3-channel multiplexer
  • Optional built-in GasSave flow controller

MAP Check 3 Data Sheet

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Dansensor® MAP Mix Provectus - NEW
A smarter way to mix gas!

The revolutionary MAP Mix Provectus uses an entirely new operating principle to advance the accuracy, operation and appearance of a gas mixer. Simple to use, highly reliable and rich in data, this mixer gives vital feedback on information such as current gas flow, total gas consumption and actual gas mix at any time.

It's also simple when it comes to product selection — no longer do you need to worry about inlet and outlet pressure, whether it will work with your nitrogen or oxygen generators or which gasses you need to mix. Your only decision is whether you need to mix two or three gasses — everything else gets set up on the intuitive touch screen once you power up the unit for the first time.

Despite its very limited physical size, the MAP Mix Provectus delivers an outstanding flow of up to 1,500 l/min — and if that's not enough, you can bridge up to three mixers and triple the capacity.


  • Uses an intuitive touch screen for easy set-up and operation
  • Meets traceability requirements by storing accurate information about current gas flow, consumption over time and gas mix
  • Avoids operator errors with programming of up to 10 standard gas mixes
  • Integrates fully with the MAP Check 3 gas analyser for ultimate effectiveness
  • Helps reduce gas cost on flow packaging machines when used in combination with MAP Check 3


  • NEW: Data logging of consumption, date, time and gas mix
  • NEW: Very low pressure drop over the mixer, making it suitable for working with nitrogen and oxygen generators
  • NEW: USB, Ethernet (LAN), RS232, Modbus TCP connections for data logging and control
  • Available for mixing 2 or 3 gases
  • Mixes oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide

MAP Mix Provectus Data Sheet

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Smarteye® Colorwise™
True Color Sensor

The SMARTEYE® COLORWISE™ is the most feature packed color sensor available. Designed to work as well as an instrument or spectrometer, this sensor can solve the most difficult color applications at higher speeds than color cameras or the closest priced competitive product. The 4 Channel Monitor provides a visual confirmation of performance without having to switch channel selections or touch the sensor in any way.


  • Low cost color solution vs. color camera, competitive sensors, or spectrometers
  • Visual verification of individual channel performance
  • One model fits all applications: selectable outputs, timers, resolution, speed, etc.
  • Internal logic removes the need for extra processing; ex. Input for latch reset
  • Quick disconnect for easy changeover
  • Solves shade-to-shade or color-to-color applications
  • Capture colors from HMI, PLC, or remote button


  • 4-Channel Monitor for At-A-Glance performance feedback
  • 4-Digital Outputs: NPN or PNP (selectable)
  • 3-Analog Outputs: 0-5VDC - XYZ or xyY (selectable)
  • Light On, Dark On, or Mute selection for each channel
  • Speed vs. Resolution (selectable)
  • Color vs. Color + Intensity (selectable)
  • Remote Color Capture
  • 14-Wire, 6 foot cable, or 6 inch pigtail ¼ turn connector
  • Input for Latch Reset/Inhibit or Windowing
  • Adjustable Light Intensity: 1 to 100
  • Adjustable Tolerance for each channel; 1 to 50
  • Adjustable Timers: 1 millisecond to 10 seconds Off Delay
  • On Delay
  • One Shot
  • Latch


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Smarteye® X-Mark™
X-tremely High Speed Registration Sensor

The SMARTEYE® X-MARK™ is the fastest, most accurate registration mark sensor available on the market. The X-MARK™ was designed to target the printing, packaging, and converting markets. By creating a specific sensor to exceed the current capability of the market leaders, and at a price that removes all barriers to change, the X-MARK™ is sure to attract the attention of engineers and purchasing agents alike.


  • 10µs Response Time
  • 5µs Repeatability
  • Four AUTOSET Modes - Including "Dynamic" AUTOSET
  • PLC and External Programming
  • Connector or Cabled Version
  • Full Spectrum, White LED
  • AUTOSET – One-Touch Setup
  • 8-LED Dual-Function Bar Graph
  • Universal Mounting


  • Increase Edge Accuracy at the highest Speeds
  • Virtually Eliminate Setup Time
  • Save 100% Registration Waste Cost
  • Eliminate Compensation Software Requirement
  • Repeatable Leading Edge or Trailing Edge Accuracy Consistently at 5µs
  • Increase Throughput Capacity
  • Eliminate Machine Speed Constraint


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Smarteye® X-Pro XP10
High Speed Registration and Object Photoelectric Sensor

The SMARTEYE® X-PRO XP10 is the highest speed (10µs) dual-function sensor in the world, designed to be a precision registration mark sensor with 5µs repeat­ability and a standard photoelectric sensor for any high speed application. The 5µs repeatability provides the most highly accurate edge detection in the industry!

The SMARTEYE® X-PRO XP10. When Timing is Everything...


  • 10 µs Response Time
  • 5 µs Repeatability
  • Dual-Function Sensor Mark Mode - For Registration
  • Normal Mode - For Object Sensing
  • 5 Memory Locations
  • PLC and External Programming through the Remote Input Line
  • Connector or Cabled Version
  • Available in White, Red and Infrared LED's
  • AUTOSET - One-Touch Setup
  • 10-LED Dual Function Bar Graph


  • Increase Edge Accuracy at all Speeds
  • Virtually Eliminate Setup Time
  • Save 100% Registration Waste Cost
  • Eliminate Compensation Software Requirement
  • Repeatable Leading Edge or Trailing Edge Accuracy Consistently at 5µs
  • Increase Throughput Capacity
  • Eliminate Machine Speed Constraint


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Smarteye® X-Pro XPC
Photoelectric Communication Sensor

The SMARTEYE® X-PRO XPC is the most versatile Photoelectric Communication Sensor available on the market. This unique photoelectric sensor is designed to be used in any application where physical contact of the sensor is either restricted, undesirable, or delays production line throughput.


  • Downloadable Recipes
  • RS-485 Multi-Drop or RS-232 Single Drop
  • Five On-board Memory Locations
  • Button Lockout
  • Configurable Response Time: 60 µs, 125 µs, or 450 µs
  • 8-Pin Male, M12 Connector
  • Available in White, Red, or Infrared LED
  • 10-LED Dual-Function Bar Graph
  • FREE EyewareXPC Development Software


  • P.A.T. Compliant Process Analytical Technology
  • No-Touch Setup
  • Quick Digital Changeover
  • Tamperproof
  • Capture and Save Setups
  • Log Sensor Performance
  • Digital Process Validation
  • Performance Calibration
  • Universal Application Flexibility
  • Quality Verification

These sensors can be easily interfaced to HMIs or PLCs using MODBUS ASCII or RTU communication protocol.

No other communication sensor available on the market provides this kind of accessibility, control and flexibility!


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Hydroclip 2 Humidity & Temperature Sensor

When it comes to measuring humidity with the highest accuracy, the HygroClip2 series of probes is in a class of its own. Based on AirChip 3000 technology, its unique features are sure to impress. In combination with advances in sensor technology and integration, the HygroClip2 will provide superb precision and state-of-the-art functionality, taking your humidity measurement to a whole new level of performance and reliability (accuracy < 0.8 %rh / 0.1 K).

HygroClip2 probes are available in many different versions for almost any application

Click Here for Data Sheet

Rotronic Main Catalogue V17

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Dansensor® CheckMate 3

Flexible, fast and accurate

If one thing is important in branding it’s “repeatability”—being able to deliver the same consumer experience, time after time after time. How to make sure your product lives up to buyer expectations? Test, test, test—preferably with a reliable gas analyser like CheckMate 3.

CheckMate 3 lets you test gas-flushed packages fast and cost-effectively—a necessity for high-volume brand-name manufacturing. Operators can tell at a glance if gas composition is within the required levels. It also provides the traceability you need: essential data about each and every package can be stored in the unit itself or transferred either to the CheckMate 3 software or third-party software. And because different products have different testing requirements, CheckMate 3 can be adapted to virtually any quality control system, making brand consistency easier than ever to maintain.


  • Saves labour time and paperwork due to automatic data logging
  • Easy transfer of quality-control data to the CheckMate PC software or third-party software
  • Reliable quality control of gas flushed products
  • Easy operation – minimum of training required
  • Low maintenance – 12 months between each calibration


  • NEW: Large easy to read 5” colour display with touch function
  • Available for either oxygen (O2) or combined oxygen/carbon dioxide (O2/CO2) measurement
  • Very small sample volume requirement (from 3 ml)
  • Data transfer via Ethernet, USB and RS232
  • Flexible configuration of test scheme, e.g. logging of operator name, batch number, product line, etc.
  • USB connection for external keyboard and bar code scanner
  • Optional built-in printer

Checkmate 3 Data Sheet

5100 i.s.

The 5100 Intrinsically Safe Portable Gas Analyser is a single component, zone 0 and zone 1 hazardous area gas analyser.
- This unique analyser is certified to zone 0 without the need for purge.
- Suitable for measuring % levels of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.
- All sensors use non-depleting technologies, maximizing availability and reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Technology used:

Oxygen – a choice of two Servomex paramagnetic transducers (standard or high accuracy) both offering fast selective measurement of oxygen without the disadvantages of electrochemical or zirconia cells.
Carbon Dioxide – Single beam, single wavelength infrared technology using Servomex patented long life source gives a highly stable, selective and low maintenance measurement.

- Paramagnetic and Infrared sensors give reliable, accurate results with low maintenance and running costs.
- Suitable for use with flammable and toxic samples
- ATEX Certified as: Ex II 1G Ex ia IIC T4
- IEC Ex Certified as: Ex ia IIC T4
- Rugged, robust IP54 Construction
- Digital interface developed with customers to ensure desirable functions and ease of use.
- Fitted with a carrying strap for ease of use
- Up to 200 measurements can be stored in the analyser memory
- White backlit LCD Display
- User configurable, audible, concentration alarms
- Powered by advanced lithium ion rechargeable batteries
- Optional internal sample pump available
- Optional sample probe available

Typical applications:
- Hazardous area combustion optimization
- Natural gas processing
- Refineries – catalytic cracker regeneration
- Hyco applications
- Cracker decoke cycle on petrochemical plant
- Process monitoring
- Inerting applications

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The newly styled 1900IR Intrinsically Safe Gas Analyser is a single component, zone 1 hazardous area gas analyser with no purge required.

- Suitable for measuring % levels of Carbon Dioxide.
- Highly accurate with fast speed of response and excellent drift and repeatability characteristics.
- All sensors use non-depleting technologies, maximizing availability and reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Technology Used:
Carbon Dioxide, Single beam, single wavelength infrared technology using Servomex patented long life source gives a highly stable, selective and low maintenance measurement.

- Infrared sensors give reliable, accurate results with low maintenance and running costs
- Suitable for use with flammable and toxic samples
- ATEX Certified as: Ex II 2G Ex ia d IIC T4
- IEC Ex Certified as: Ex ia d IIC T4
- Rugged, robust IP65 construction
- Digital interface developed with customers to ensure desirable functions and ease of use
- White backlit LCD Display
- Single 4-20mA output and 4 Relay Outputs

Typical applications:
- Natural Gas pipelines, scrubber efficiency, blending
- GTL syngas production
- Refineries, catalytic regeneration
- HYCO, process control, efficiency
- Ethylene Plants, catalytic regeneration, scrubber efficiency

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Gem - Calibrators for the Beverage Industry

A new range of compact Calibrator systems incorporating Headmaster’s high-efficiency gas/liquid contactors with new battery-powered measurement & display technology to simplify operation and reduce installation costs.

Fast, accurate liquid-phase calibration of all dissolved-gas Analysers.

Accuracy: 1% FS, suitable for continuous or intermittent operation

10 litre / hour sample output

Large, clear back-lit display with IP67 bezel (ex. ZEROstream)

Dimensions (cm): 35 x 14 x 30 h.w.d. Wall or bench mounting. (ex. ZEROstream)

PP3 (9V) battery: life typically 2 months for high-duty working (lo-batt indication).

Optional sample output formats: self-sealing CPC connectors or standard socket connector for in-line sensors (ex. GEMINI, ZEROstream).

Supplied with Service Panel, incorporating pressure regulation for water and gas feeds, plus 3-stage water filtration

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